What is an act of sunlight

Project Sunlight is a growing movement of people who believe in the power of taking action.

Whether it’s viewing and sharing with friends an inspiring film, boosting the self-esteem of young women, making a donation to a food bank, we think that every single action can make a real difference.

We invite you to make your contribution by exploring our website, see the possibilities and take action on the projects that inspire you.

We believe we can create a brighter future for our children. See the possibilities and get involved.

Basia Ryl

Combining the best of both worlds making the business of volunteering work

Basia Ryl, Global Brand Manager for Sunlight, took her passion for volunteering to Unilever, she found fertile ground to make a difference on a large scale.

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James Allred

The food fight that everyone gets

James Allred took the “What did you have for lunch at school?” question from the daily drive home with his son in England, to thousands of children halfway across the world in Indonesia.

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Kate Telford

Sharing the skills that help make the biggest difference

Kate Telford weaves her passion for helping others with her role at Unilever. When she saw that her IT skills could help the Tower Hamlets Food Bank get vulnerable people back on track, she got stuck in.

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Young people who are changing the world

Young people who are changing the world

Meet the finalists in our Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneur Awards who are making waves in the world of sustainability.

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Anu Sridharan

A Clear Solution To Water Scarcity

Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013 finalist, Anu Sridharan, has a goal to solve the problem of intermittent water in India. Many residents do not know when water will be available, wasting valuable time waiting at home for the water to come on. As a New Leader, Anu hopes to create a brighter future for everyone who suffers from the problem.

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New leaders

A Shining Year 2014: Project Sunlight rises to new heights

From discovering inspirational new leaders to the formation of amazing partnerships, 2014 has been an exciting year for us. Many thanks to all of you for getting involved and supporting us with Acts of Sunlight.

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Chris Mallaband

Saving Millions Through The Power of Hand Washing

Chris Mallaband is a Unilever Foundation Ambassador that works with Lifebuoy and PSI to promote the habit of hand washing to schoolchildren around the world. They hope to bring this message to the rest of the world as it could save thousands of lives.

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Saving Lives

Saving Lives Through Hygiene And Toilets

In Peru, not everyone can afford proper sanitation equipment like a toilet. However, Isabel Medem is making that a reality by creating affordable toilets through her social enterprise, X-Runner.

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Rubbish for Healthcare

Rubbish for Healthcare A Winning Solution for Sanitation

In Indonesia Gamal Albinsaid has devised one brilliant solution to address the issues surrounding both healthcare and garbage disposal. His ingenious micro health insurance scheme, Garbage Clinical Insurance (GCI), provides families with healthcare in exchange for their rubbish.

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Creating Better Sanitation

Creating Better Sanitation Through the Power of Social Media

In some regions in Brazil, there is a lack of toilets for the public to use and overall better sanitation. Diego Colicchio, Marketing Director for of Home Care, recognized this need and decided that deploying the successful global partnership with UNICEF could help keep local authorities accountable to do something on creating better sanitation for the children of Brazil.

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Saving Lives

Saving Lives Through Hand Washing

In Brazil, Clovis Boufleur is playing his part to help promote the lifesaving action of hand washing to children. Joining forces with Unilever, Clovis is reaching many local communities and families to help educate them the importance of good hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

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Imagine choosing

Imagine choosing Between a Phone And a Toilet

“For some people, this is not a choice,” says Vibish Kashyap, 13, of Hosur, Tamil Nadu India.

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Listen to Kids

Listen to Kids And we’ll see things differently

Shruti N.K leads a life with all of the basic comforts like a 24-hour water supply. But for people in her country and community, clean water and access to sanitation is a luxury.

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What Do You See

What Do You See When You Look at a Glass of Water?

The answer is simple for most, but for some in Rene Silva dos Dantos’s country – they see a miracle.

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Not Even Independence

Not Even Independence Is More Important than Sanitation

In India, more than 600,000 children die before the age of five from diarrhoea and pneumonia. These deaths could be prevented through proper hygiene and sanitation programmes. Even at the young age of 17, Meesha Gandhi is aware of the severity of these issues and along with Unilever Project Sunlight, is committed to creating a bright future of abundance and equality.

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Helping Starving People

Helping Starving People Doesn’t Require a Passport

At the age of 10, Kylee McCumber noticed that hunger was effecting children in her own school and has been inspiring her community and others to help ever since.

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Ending Food Poverty

Ending Food Poverty Is The Responsibility Of All

At the young age of fifteen, Grace Jones is an accomplished speaker about food poverty. A passionate believer in the need to reduce food waste, she’s adamant that we shouldn’t waste food while others go hungry.

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Stopping Child Hunger

Stopping Child Hunger Needs New Leaders with New Dreams

Unilever Project Sunlight is helping Elijah King spread his message for a brighter future. It is Elijah’s hope that there will be a future where no child goes to bed hungry.

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Our Biggest Challenge

Our Biggest Challenge Is Apathy

At 16 years old, Dira Noverani is making it her mission to help educate children in Indonesia about the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene.

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Susan Buckwalter

Imagine Life Without A Toilet. Raise Awareness Around Sanitation

Susan Buckwalter is a Unilever Foundation Ambassador for UNICEF. She was invited to see how UNICEF was making a difference in people’s lives in Ghana. Many of Ghana’s residents do not have access to toilet facilities. UNICEF has helped improved the lives of 135,000 people in Ghana through their CATS program by changing behaviors and improving sanitation.

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Changing the world starts with us all

Changing the World Starts with us all

Throughout history, speeches have changed the world. The truly memorable ones all have something in common. They’ve been delivered at a pivotal moment in time, when something had to change. The very best speeches have captured the imaginations, and bottled up feelings of a people. Then in a matter of moments that pent up feeling has been released, creating a wave of action that has changed the world.

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One Teen's Mission

One Teen's Mission to End Hunger

We can all do our part in the fight against hunger. One ambitious 16-year-old shows us how big an impact one can make.

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One Child's Quest

One Child's Quest Against Hunger

Joshua Williams had a vision to help before he turned five. Now we’re teaming up with a joint belief that no child should face hunger.

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Angela Chuang

We Day Spotlight: Angela Chuang

The Bright Future Grant recipient shares her motivation to create a better world and hopes to inspire others.

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Meaghan Ramsey

Building confidence changing the world

When was the last time you kissed the mirror?

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Myriam Sidibe

The simple power of handwashing

Every child should celebrate their fifth birthday, but every day thousands of young children and babies die from preventable diseases. We have the power to help save 600,000 kids every year, and one inspirational New Leader is showing us how.

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Omer with children

Rebuilding communities Omer’s story

Eight months on from the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, Foundation Ambassador Omer Farooq Hanif visited the Philippines to see how the Unilever Foundation is supporting Oxfam’s work to help rebuild communities.In his week-long trip Omer, an assistant manager in Unilever’s finance business from Pakistan, visited two of the areas affected by the typhoon to gain a deeper understanding of Oxfam’s humanitarian projects and see Unilever’s disaster and response strategy in action

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Unilever Foundation

Creating a brighter future for children

Unilever Foundation Global Ambassador Osita Abana travelled to Bangladesh with Save the Children to see how Unilever is supporting programmes that are significantly improving the health and wellbeing of children in some of the country’s poorest communities.

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The Unilever Foundation Ambassador Challenge

Changing behaviours, saving lives

The Unilever Foundation Ambassador Challenge offers Unilever employees the chance to discover how Unilever and its five global partners are helping to improve the lives of millions of people through support from the Unilever Foundation. The chosen Ambassadors are given the unique opportunity to see how positive social impact is being achieved at scale to create a brighter future.

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