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Whether it’s viewing and sharing with friends an inspiring film, boosting the self-esteem of young women, making a donation to a food bank, we think that every single action can make a real difference.

We invite you to make your contribution by exploring our website, see the possibilities and take action on the projects that inspire you.

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Welcome to a place built for change. Where ideas become actions, and actions change the world. Find established programmes that give you access to a network of collaborators, mentors and specialists, along with the opportunities to develop your ideas. We want to give the business leaders of tomorrow the support they need to develop businesses sustainably and with purpose. By sharing our resources, we believe that the new leaders of tomorrow can change the future for our planet.

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Unilever Future Leaders’ League An opportunity like no other

Unilever are proud to once again host The Unilever Future Leaders’ League for the best and brightest university students around the world. This global competition empowers students to showcase their creativity and innovative solutions in front of the biggest names in the business world.

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7 finalists with Global Goals

Young Entrepreneurs are paving the way to a bright future

The Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award is an annual competition that recognises the achievements of the world’s brightest stars in business.

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A global community can make a big change

A global community can make a big change

This year on WE Day, 200,000 young people will stand up as one global community. As part of the WE Movement, inspirational young people will fill 14 stadiums across the UK, Canada and the US to learn about global issues and take action.

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It’s time to accelerate towards a bright future

Young people have the power to change the world, and with the right support they can develop the skills and confidence to become great leaders and entrepreneurs. A bold initiative seeks to harness entrepreneurial talent for the benefit of communities everywhere.

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Enhancing livelihoods

Enhancing Livelihoods by Greening the communities

In Uganda, more than half of young people are unemployed and forest cover is said to decline by 100% in the next 40 years.

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Anu Sridharan

A Clear Solution To Water Scarcity

Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013 finalist, Anu Sridharan, has a goal to solve the problem of intermittent water in India. Many residents do not know when water will be available, wasting valuable time waiting at home for the water to come on. As a New Leader, Anu hopes to create a brighter future for everyone who suffers from the problem.

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Saving Lives

Saving Lives Through Hygiene And Toilets

In Peru, not everyone can afford proper sanitation equipment like a toilet. However, Isabel Medem is making that a reality by creating affordable toilets through her social enterprise, X-Runner.

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Rubbish for Healthcare

Rubbish for Healthcare A Winning Solution for Sanitation

In Indonesia Gamal Albinsaid has devised one brilliant solution to address the issues surrounding both healthcare and garbage disposal. His ingenious micro health insurance scheme, Garbage Clinical Insurance (GCI), provides families with healthcare in exchange for their rubbish.

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Sara Saeed

Meet the 2015 Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalists Committed to a Bright Future

What if… your idea could change the world? These inspiring young entrepreneurs asked themselves this question, and have gone on to help thousands of people worldwide improve their lives with support from Unilever and our partners.

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